Florida Rheumatology Associates is a full fledged Rheumatology treatment clinic located in Sebring, Florida.

Welcome to Florida Rheumatology Associates.

Specializing in diagnosing and treating Rheumatology and related disorders in Sebring and central Florida region.

Dr. Amina Pervez Chatha MD started Florida Rheumatology Associates, Inc in Sebring, Florida, as a Rheumatology treatment clinic. Dr. Chatha’s mission is to provide compassionate and personalized care for patients with arthritis, systemic autoimmune diseases, Osteoporosis and other rheumatological and inflammatory disorders that affect the bones, muscles and joints. Dr. Chatha spends a tremendous amount of time with her patients to ensure that they have an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan that is best suited to the individual patient’s disease progress, and the patient’s lifestyle.

At Florida Rheumatology Associates, our goal is to treat your rheumatological conditions so that you can be a full fledged participant at work, family and recreational activities.

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